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Our Industry

Our Industry

We have adapted to the specialized needs of a diverse cliental in a variety of industries, let us help your business be more efficient and profitable too.

Our Industry

Our Services

We are a multibranded distributor, providing the finest quality products like Chevron, Shell, Texaco, Whitmore and Quaker Chemical.

Our Industry

Our Products

Customer service is what it’s all about. We are committed to providing quality services that exceed your expectations.

Welcome to Hager Oil Company Inc.

Hager Oil Company was established in 1954 as a Texaco branded petroleum distributor in Jasper Alabama. Over the past fifty plus years our industry, our market, our customer\\\'s needs and our company has changed and grown with the times. Today Hager Oil Company supplies all of north central Alabama and into the surrounding states of Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. We carry multiple brands with a diverse array of services to meet out customer\\\'s changing needs in a competitive market. In 1974 Russell S. Hager took over the family business after graduating from the University of Alabama with an Engineering degree. Since that time Hager Oil Company has established itself as one of Alabama\\\'s premier petroleum distributors, serving over 700 customers with millions of gallons every month.

In 2014 James Eidson owner of Eidson Petroleum, an established distributor from Cullman Alabama purchased Hager Oil Company. Armed with a degree in Accounting from Birmingham Southern James is continuing to lead Hager Oil Company into the 21st century as premier distributer. Over the years Hager Oil Company has built a reputation of quality products and service with years of hard work responding to the needs of our customers. James is committed to continuing and building upon that reputation. Give us a call and find out how Hager Oil Company can help your business grow.