Hager Oil Company has served mining operations in Alabama for over 65 years. We have partnered with many underground and surface coal mining companies supplying specialized long wall emulsions, heavy duty hydraulic fluids, motor oils, greases and clean burn motor fuels products that are  second to none on today’s market. We also supply a number of limestone and rock quarries around the state.  

Steel Industry

Whether you operate an integrated or mini-mill, Hager Oil Company has the products to maximize production and minimize down time. High temperature hydraulic fluids and emulsions for hot mills are just an example of products we supply.

Metal Working

We understand that the lubricating and protective qualities needed for metal stamping and metal shaping operations. Hager Oil Company has a full range of metal working fluids that provide cooling, rust protection, stain free lubrication for your application. 

Natural Gas

Hager Oil distributes the HDAX Chevron Brand Natural Gas & Landfill Gas Lubricants for all engine and compressor OEM's as well as coolants. We also carry the Summit Industrial Brand for high pressure compressors packages that require added protection and Triethylene Glycol for the gas drying process. Hager Oil has the products and knowledge for all our gas compressor lubrication needs.   

Power Generation

Power plants have very specific operating conditions and lubrication requirements. This industry has undergone rapid changes over the last decade as lubricant manufacturers have reformulated products to keep up with the rapid developments in gas and steam turbine technologies. Hager Oil Company has cutting edge products available throughout our many well known brands. 

Agricultural & Excavating

Most agricultural and excavating operations require equipment to be exposed to the harshest environments. From muddy wet conditions to the hot and dry extremes, we have the products that are best for your application. We stock Chevron Final Drive SAE 60 that meets the CAT FD-1 specification for drain intervals of 4000 hours.  Hager Oil Company’s heavy duty lubricants will increase reliability and maximize the return on investment of your equipment.

Food Grade

Hager Oil Company knows the importance of food grade lubrication products that are neutral in taste, smell, and color. Products that can also offer protective anti-rust film or release agents.  

Forestry & Timber

When you consider issues such as staff and equipment downtime and the potential losses you could experience from a lubrication related failure: You need to ask yourself, is it worth the risk to cut corners on your lubricants? Call us today and let us discuss the best product for your application.