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For over 50 years, Hager Oil Company has offered the highest level of quality products to its customers. We are partners with and proud to carry the Chevron, Shell, Texaco and Whitmore’s family of fuel and lubricant products. These relationships allow Hager Oil Company to have access to cutting edge research and product information. No matter what your need may be you can count on us. Give one of our trained specialists a call today.  
Hager Oil Company has been awarded the title of Chevron Signature Class Lubrication Marketer. To achieve this classification, we have committed to the highest quality of training and proven exceptional customer service. By partnering with a Signature Class Lubrication Marketer, you can be assured you are working with a top Marketer aligned with the largest and strongest distribution network in the industry.  We are committed to helping you reduce your overall operating costs by providing premium products delivered safely and reliably with exceptional customer service.