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Bio Solve

For use in minor site cleanup. BioSolve® is a unique, water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable formulation that reduces hydrocarbon compounds into extremely small particles. The BioSolve® treated hydrocarbon solution can then be recovered by vacuum equipment without danger of ignition and properly disposed. This results in full “cradle to grave” treatment and eliminates future liabilities. BioSolve® has no negative effect on asphalt, concrete or painted surfaces. Hager Oil Company can help you with minor site clean-up operations.

  • Diesel Fuel Conditioners
  • Air line driers
  • Absorbents    
  • Starting fluids
  • Penetrating oil    
  • Fuel nozzles & hoses
  • Bio Solve

Soaps & Degreasers

Hager Oil has partnered with Hood Sales and Service to provide our customers with a quality solution for maintenance and cleaning of those expensive machines our products go into. Hood Sales provides steam cleaning equipment and service along with a full line of soaps, degreasers, Aluminum Brightener and custom blended products to to meet your specific application. To inquire about products from Hood Sales ask for David when you call.