our Hydraulics


Hydraulic fluids come in as many forms as applications for it. From your standard AW hydraulic fluid to extreme pressure and environmentally friendly oils, we can supply you with the product your application requires.


Special circumstances require specialty oils, such as synthetic blend hydraulic fluids. Meeting the needs of extreme temperature, moisture and pressure these specialized oils can reduce wear and increase productivity when partnered with the proper application.

Long Wall Fluid

Our fluids are approved by Joy Mining Machinery, Bucyrus (Formerly DBT) and I D  MSHA No. 30-20-5 approved. The fluid is produced in the United States at an ISO approved facility to meet the mining industry needs. It is compatible with all commonly used long wall fluids used for easy conversion and Biodegradable in accordance with ISO 7827.

We offer Quaker Chemical Quintolubric, a superior longwall fluid. It is a high water based (HFA) hydraulic fluid concentrate specifically designed for longwall applications. Quintolubric products offer these benefits: biodegradable; no bacterial scum; no corrosion; non-toxic; non–hazardous; fire resistant; and odor free. Experience shows that Quintolubric provides superior solenoid valve protection.