our Lubricants

Motor Oils

Motor oil is the life blood of you engine, the first line of defense against heat and wear of you engines vital components. Hager Oil Company distributes a variety of motor oils to protect any application you may have. Rotella T, Delo and Ursa diesel engine oils lead the world with superior protection. Havoline automotive engine oils have a 100 year history of cutting edge technology for today’s new cars. Havoline Synthetic blends of oil are designed for high performance and extreme service engines. In quarts, pails, drums or bulk loads, we have the right motor oil for you. 

Transmission Fluids

Mercon / Dexron automatic transmission fluids are in stock in a wide range of packages, from quarts to tanker delivery to keep your shop running efficiently. Synthetic transmission and gear box lubricants that meet or exceed the requirements of Allison, Case, Eaton and many more.

Compressor Oils

Compressor oils that meet the OEM requirements for the biggest names compressors, like Ingersoll-Rand. Oils that can with stand the moisture rich environment created in these applications.